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Professionalism, dedication, and quality are Ruey Chyi’s declarations

Taiwan Ruey Chyi Ltd. has been a professional manufacturer and supplier ofplastic injection molds since 1983.

In order to improve the quality of products, Ruey Chyi continuously improves and optimizes internal equipment. Computer-Aided Design System (CAD SYSTEM), introduced in 1993, improved product quality, mold accuracy and speeding up the R&D and manufacturing process. We adopted DFM (Design for Manufacturing) to provide our clients with the most efficient, high quality, and low-cost product manufacturing process. Our engineers and designers regularly attend classes learning more to keep up on the latest and best technology.

With clients from across the globe, we provide products in the fields of manufacturing, biotechnology, horticultural, religion, toys, teaching aids, sports, office stationery, etc. Extensive experience in product development has enabled us to consolidate our position in the field of plastic mold injection. You are cordially invited to become our partner!



April 14


Established a mold manufacturing company in Taichung, Taiwan
April 14


Plastic Injection Division and Product Packaging Division were added to integrate production lines.
April 14


Introduced Computer-Aided Design system (CAD SYSTEM) to enhance the convenience and precision of mold design.
April 29


Cooperated with Japanese clients in product development and production. Stationery products were distributed to all major channels in Japan.
April 29


Expansion and relocation of the plant to Changhua. Upgrading of injection machinery and equipment.
April 29


Added 2 injection molding machines to expand production capacity.
April 29


Expanded business to Southeast Asia and partnered with a Malaysian clients to produce custom products.
April 29


Cooperated with an Australian clients to produce science teaching aids for children worldwide.
April 29


Added 2 injection molding machines to expand production capacity and product range.
April 29


Added 1 injection molding machine to expand the range of product types.
April 29


Upgraded 2 injection molding machines to improve production efficiency and expanded the packaging department and warehouse.
April 29


Built the Micro Mist System Brand – Happy Summer, with product applications across the gardening and service industries.
April 29


1. Production of office supplies in partnership with a well-known Taiwanese stationery company. 2. Cooperation with Taiwan manufacturers for children’s toy fundraising project products.
April 29


A new website and corporate identity for global clients.

Business Philosophy

Our Strengths

Ruey Chyi Plastics is a company with a good reputation and clients across the globe. Our team consists of excellent product managers, mold engineers, product designers, professional technicians, and sales, etc. Improving our team with regular training and retraining courses to learn and stay updated on new skills.

In addition to professional talents, our technical capabilities allow us to produce a variety of complex product types to meet your product needs. We provide a variety of services such as; mold drawing, mold development, product design, assembly, and packaging services. We are a one-stop service that achieves our clients needs.

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