Design For Manufacturing or Mass Production

Today we want to talk to you about “Design For Manufacturing” or “Mass Production”.
And how did the concept of DFM come about?
DFM is mainly evaluating the feasibility of design,
The purpose is to resolve or prompt possible manufacturing problems before they are put into production.
Use a plastic injection molding product as an example,
The procedure is as follows:
1. Understand customer needs
2. Appearance design
3. Institutional design
4. DFM evaluation
5. Customer Confirmation
After the DFM assessment, review the design/appearance/mechanism/materials/functions/costs/manufacturing/processing and other possible problems, and through the evaluation and improvement, the final solution will be provided to the customer to achieve the optimization of all aspects The goal, so in terms of manufacturing mass production, will minimize mass production problems.
Of course, we at Ruey Chyi also uphold this approach to serve all customers who need to develop products!! Choose specifications and suitable designs for manufacturing processes or production costs and time for customers, so that customers’ designs can be quickly realized. After all, time is Money~~
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